Mobile Paint Parties…why?

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I’ve been getting lots of questions about why I decided to change to mobile parties. Their names are Joey, Alex and Austin. Owning a studio became an all-consuming task! I’m talking practically 24/7. I worked all day, came home worked on the computer until bedtime, got up and started working again — even before I got to work. Now don’t get me wrong, the “success” was nice. And I had an amazing staff to help run the studio so I could work in some family time.┬áBut that’s just it. It needed to be the other way around for us. Family first, and then work in some parties.


I’m not gonna lie — I love paint parties. I got “Girls Night Out” almost every week. My customers became my friends. And the studio because my 2nd home. Yes I do miss it (I cried and was lost for a long time). ┬áMaybe I’ll have a studio again someday. Maybe soon, maybe in a few years, maybe never. Nothing’s permanent.


So, I’m still here, well actually…. I’m wherever you need me. Mobile parties can be at your home, church, office, or event space. We also have some nice options for parties at restaurants and event venues. So this is it for now. Thanks for coming along with me— I’ve missed you! Let’s party!!