Pack It Up

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Vintage suitcases….they’re all the rage. But what do you do with them? Here’s a¬†few ways I have used them.

This vintage travel case makes a great display in my shop. It used to hold photo props. And before that it held mason jars with qtips, cotton balls, bobby pins, etc in my bathroom. Can’t wait to see where it lands next.

vintage travel case

When I made this one, I had planned to let the customer choose the paint color for the legs. To my surprise, she took it as is with paint spatters all over it. I think she made the right choice. Look how fun this vintage suitcase table is!

Aqua suitcase table

One of my customers did her own version of a suitcase table for her daughter. She picked up the vintage inspired suitcase at Hobby Lobby and paired it with an old organ bench I had. Her daughter loves stashing her journal and other fun trinkets in it beside her bed.

pink suitcase table

And for a little Christmas cheer, this one got embellished with a nice coat of paint (don’t worry – the suitcase was in ill repair, this simply repurposed it!) and a few Christmas decorations. I’d love to come home to this…

Christmas suitcase